Lies the Organic Industry Tells: Two Types of GMOs

Two Types of GMOs

A 2013 documentary claiming to explore how genetically engineered food affects our health and environment, GMO OMG spouts fallacies that anti-GMO activists still love to wield in 2016. The film follows director, producer and father Jeremy Seifert as he examines the relationship between genetically modified food and his three young children. With organic and non-GMO industry sponsors ranging from Nature’s Path Organic to Chipotle Mexican Grill, the three-year-old film might as well have been released today.

I watched GMO OMG last week, and it’s hard to pick just one myth to discuss from the film because it’s full of them. GMOs are the only patented crop varieties? Patently false. GMOs are altered in a way that does not occur naturally? So are nearly all of the foods we eat, with the exception of some wild game, herbs, mushrooms and insects, if creepy crawly cuisine is your thing.

Two Types of GMOs

A scientifically arbitrary term, “GMO” or Genetically Modified Organism has come to denote crops created with modern molecular genetic engineering and applies to diverse techniques and products, from crops engineered with an insecticidal protein that prevents insect damage and crop loss to non-browning, non-bruising Arctic apples bred with a gene silencing technique. (Though I’m not a fan of the term GMO because of how arbitrary, meaningless and misleading it is, it’s here to stay.)

Almost all of the foods we consume, including organic, have had their genomes altered in very unnatural ways, in the field or in a lab, using methods that wouldn’t occur in nature as I’ve discussed several times, including here and here.

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