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Pigs’ genetic code altered in bid to tackle deadly virus


Researchers have made an advance in the fight against a deadly virus that affects pigs. The team used advanced genetic techniques to produce pigs that are potentially resilient to African Swine Fever – a highly contagious disease that kills up to two-thirds of infected animals. The new pigs carry a version of a gene that […]

Lies the Organic Industry Tells: Two Types of GMOs

Two Types of GMOs

A 2013 documentary claiming to explore how genetically engineered food affects our health and environment, GMO OMG spouts fallacies that anti-GMO activists still love to wield in 2016. The film follows director, producer and father Jeremy Seifert as he examines the relationship between genetically modified food and his three young children. With organic and non-GMO […]

Now Assembled Right, Genome Might Lessen the Bed Bug’s Bite

Bed Bugs Genetics

Although an old nursery rhyme tells us not to let the bed bugs bite, it neglects to say how we might protect ourselves. For that sort of information, we turn to science, which has been preoccupied of late with the question of how bed bug infestations keep getting worse. Most recently, science has been examining […]

Gene Drives Offer New Hope Against Diseases and Crop Pests

A woman in Tanzania under a mosquito tent with a relative who was being treated for malaria. With gene drives, it may be possible to kill off a mosquito population or make the population resistant to malaria parasites. Credit Uriel Sinai for The New York Times

Biologists in the United States and Europe are developing a revolutionary genetic technique that promises to provide an unprecedented degree of control over insect-borne diseases and crop pests. The technique involves a mechanism called a gene drive system, which propels a gene of choice throughout a population. No gene drives have yet been tested in […]

Open Season is Seen in Animal Gene Editing

animal gene editing

SIOUX CENTER, Iowa — Other than the few small luxuries afforded them, like private access to a large patch of grass, there was nothing to mark the two hornless dairy calves born last spring at a breeding facility here as early specimens in a new era of humanity’s dominion over nature. But unlike a vast […]

Gene-edited ‘micropigs’ to be sold as pets at Chinese institute

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Cutting-edge gene-editing techniques have produced an unexpected byproduct — tiny pigs that a leading Chinese genomics institute will soon sell as pets. BGI in Shenzhen, the genomics institute that is famous for a series of high-profile breakthroughs in genomic sequencing, originally created the micropigs as models for human disease, by applying a gene-editing technique to […]

Sizzling Steaks May Soon Be Lab-Grown

A meatball from another startup, Memphis Meats

Several startups are racing to be the first to fill U.S. consumers’ plates with lab grown hamburgers and sausages that taste just as good as the kind from cattle and pigs. Memphis Meats Inc., a San Francisco company founded by three scientists, aims in three to four years to be the first to sell meat grown from […]

Animal Genetics: Genotyping Cattle – Potential Cash Cow?

Genotyping Cattle

To improve Ireland’s herds, DNA-testing companies are analyzing genes related to milk yield and meat quality A million cattle in Ireland will have their genes analysed over the next two years. Two animal DNA-testing companies, Weatherbys and Eurofins, are joining forces for what they say is the world’s biggest project for genotyping cattle so far. Their […]

Creating Corals that Can Survive Climate Change

Coconut Island, site of the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, rises from Kaneohe Bay. Light spots in the water are patch reefs, some of which are showing troubling signs of stress. (Courtesy of Ruth Gates)

Keyhole Reef is one of dozens of small reefs rising abruptly from the depths of Kaneohe Bay, one of Hawaii’s most scenic places. The water around it is sapphire blue, and bright schools of tang and triggerfish flit over its surface. But the reef is showing troubling signs of stress these days because of climate […]