Development of immuno-oncology drugs — from CTLA4 to PD1 to the next generations


Nature Reviews Drug Discovery – March 11, 2016 – Since the regulatory approval of ipilimumab in 2011, the field of cancer immunotherapy has been experiencing a renaissance. This success is based on progress in both preclinical and clinical science, including the development of new methods of investigation. Immuno-oncology has become a sub-specialty within oncology owing […]

A Better Way to Treat Cancer

A Better Way to Treat Cancer

The secrets of this ancient disease lie in the molecular data hidden within tumors. Mastering that data may be the best way to pinpoint cures and ultimately treat cancer.   As an oncologist whose life’s work has been to develop tailored cancer treatments, I find it frustrating that most patients are still being treated without […]

Calls Intensify to Get Medicare for Genetic Sequencing of Tumors

Medicare for Genetic Sequencing of Tumors

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is facing growing calls to allow Medicare and Medicaid to pay for advanced gene-sequencing of tumors, a step proponents say will help both cancer patients and scientific research. The appeals have grown louder since Vice President Joe Biden announced his “moonshot” to cure cancer, and top researchers said they raised […]

A Cell Therapy Untested in Humans Saves a Baby With Cancer

cell therapy beats cancer

 Cell Therapy Beats Cancer   A baby girl who was close to dying from cancer has been rescued by a cell therapy envisioned as a “one size fits all” treatment that had never been tested in people, doctors reported on Thursday. The development is significant because it indicates that cell therapies, which represent an exciting […]